Embassy - social reinforcement

1. Team participation

Teams are organized for house duties and individuals are asked to sign up for at least one team. The teams were:-

  • Culinary Delights - food and drinks
  • Residents’ Experience - optimizing the happiness and productivity of residents
  • Guests’ Experience - optimizing the happiness and productivity of guests
  • Event Coordination & Promotion
  • Internal and External Community Fostering
  • Team Reaper - keeping the house clear and tidy

2. social reinforcement

In order to reinforce contribution to the running of the house, residents/citizens must inform that house of any jobs that they've done, and how long that job took. For each 15 minutes the house tots up as a whole, the more money they make as a group. By acting and not 'bragging' you reduce the money in the group pool. [We used a whatsapp thread that we referred to as "Bilbo Braggins"]

3. acting

Teams meet and act together to get their jobs done. 


"The hierarchy under the old do-ocracy was the do-ers had low social class but a high power class: Do-ers were the underclass. This system reverses that."

The upsides!

  • Teams feel empowered to get things done with minimal admin or bureaucracy
  • Acting in teams means that no individual has to take on too much responsibility

"Bragging allows room for the acknowledgement our failures, but the shaming can turn into a shaming war"

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Potential issues!

At times, this system felt like the do-ocracy

Potential solutions