Lessons learnt and points taken

What did we learn about our governance systems in general?

The benefit of change in general: each change in governance system seemed to be accompanied by a burst of increased enthusiasm and participation. Is there something inherently motivating and/or empowering about change?
One of the things that these experiments did for us, was continuously shift and redistribute the various hierarchies that tend to form in groups. 
The benefit of being aware of what each person may be doing behind the scenes. The benefit of honest and clear communication

What did we learn about social experimentation in general?

Despite considerable levels of buy-in and commitment to this experiment from all individual residents/citizens (remember each housemate pledged $200 a month to put towards this), we experienced much difficulty in active data collection. We experimented with various phone apps that collected data from us at random times of the day, we tried daily, weekly and monthly surveys, we used software on our laptops that monitored our productivity. Nonetheless we found it hard to maintain even these forms of data collection. So what's the solution? It may be that we need to develop better passive measures - watch this space!

What would we do differently?

No matter what tried, under each governance structure, we couldn't escape the tendency for discussion to fall to smaller, logistical issues, who is taking the trash out, how do we keep the house clean, why aren't certain people stepping up etc etc, rather than what we all wanted to focus on, which for us was our larger projects. The practical/logistical issues in running the house clearly need to be dealt with in order to allow us all to work on our larger collaborative projects. What does this mean? Perhaps, in order to maximize happiness, productivity and community, the smaller logistical issues need to be a priority in order to make way for focusing on larger goals. Perhaps having a 

WHAT other structures would we like to try?

  • Philosopher kings
  • Irrational Labs
  • The matriarchy