Goverance structures


After much debate, it was decided that our governance structures should work to optimize three factors: 

1. Personal happiness of citizens

2. Productivity of citizens

3. Community strengthening (internal and external to our home)

The rules

Each governance structure has dominion over the following issues: -

  1. Food purchasing

  2. Use of the allotted monthly budget 

  3. Alcohol

  4. Utilities (cleaner, gardener, getting things fixed in the home)

  5. Use of language in the house

  6. Allocation of all shared space in the house

  7. Delegation of small chores

  8. Total control of house events, and the nature of those events (e.g. their theme)

  9. Some minimum amount of time from each citizen can be directed by the system

  10. Policies on guests and visitors

Things that are outside the scope of the governance structures: - 

  1. Delegation of large chores

  2. Ejecting and accepting guests

  3. Significantly altering resident's lives outside of the house

  4. Private space allocation (i.e. bedrooms)
  5. Acceptance or removal of long term residents. 
  6. The above rules only apply whilst residents are in the house.